Alight Motion Pro Key Features[Updated]

If you’re looking for a video and Animation Editor which can help you to make/edit videos professionally, here you find Alight Motion Pro for Android devices.

Alight Motion Pro

First, let’s start with a quick intro to the video editor, Alight Motion Pro allows you to edit videos at your favorable video resolution, and frame rate at 4k, it has some features which make it different from any video editing application that is available in the market.

Alight Motion Pro is the app where you can professionally animate videos, edit videos, motion graphics, and visual effects in one single app. Basically, the pro version of the application is paid you have to pay, in order to remove watermark and accesemium features.

For example, you hide layers and enable them when required, when you use them for the first time so you will automatically find a way to edit. Open the app, click on the plus (+) icon to create a new project, give the name of the project then choose a ratio like 16:9, 9:16, 1:1, 4:5, 4:3, and make your own. Then select resolution up to from 180p to 2160p (4k), then frame rate at max 60 FPS, click on create a new project.

Key features of Alight Motion Pro

One of the best features that I like about the application is when you need you can hide the layer that doesn’t require at the time of editing, for example, if you don’t require a text layer and you want to edit music ok so you can just tap on the eye icon in order to enable or disable, and the second feature is you can copy all the layers these features are only available in premium PC software.

Let’s start with a shape, normally shapes are not available in Android editor but it offers it you will get all the shapes that are generally needed, Freehand Drawing basically by using this you can freely draw anything on a video by using a brush, and pencil also can erase it, you can select color code by just only click on it.

You can make animate anything, for example, if you want, to animate the picture of the freehand drawing by just using a keyframe feature, color & fill you can color fill the layer by using color code or if you like any color is present in a video suggest step on the color will get the code and you can use it in Alight Motion Pro.

Border and Shadow, you can make border or shadow of the layer according to you, Blending & Opacity you can adjust the transparency of the shape or layer like darken, lighter, contrast, difference, color, and mask. Move & Transform believe me you move any object pixel by pixel here how, you get four options to do this, first, you can move as a trackpad, the second one you can rotate the angle of the object, you can move top and bottom pixels of an object, in the las,t, you can move edges of the object.

Edit shape allows you to change shape by size and radius of an object, Effects literally it has one of the biggest effects libraries that you can use in a video like Tiles, Exposure/Gamma, Oscillate, a bunch of effects in Drawing, Color & Light, Blur, Procedural, Distortion/Warp, 3D, Move/Transform, Repeat, Matte/Mask/Key, Opacity/Visibility and much more you get in Alight Motion Pro.

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