[Latest] Ashes Cricket Game APK Download For Android 2023

Ashes Cricket Game APK is a video game that features professional teams from Australia and England. The game has improved for cricket fans since the release of, Ashes Cricket, but back then fans wanted something more realistic, like EA’s FIFA or NFL.

A downloadable game called Ashes Cricket APK, developed and published by 505 Games, was the intended title. It did some very good things.

Ashes Cricket Game APK

The game showcases the entire 2013 Ashes series. With its official license for both the event and all English and Australian teams, it boasts commentary from cricket fans’ favorite voices: David Lloyd, Mark Nicholas, and Michael Slater.

Features Of Ashes Cricket APK:

Gameplay and graphics have been improved:

This game offers you one of the best gameplay, the gameplay is one of the main things, and Ashes Cricket APKAPK always works on gameplay and this game is the best cricket game you are going to play and experience of the best game.

Ashes Cricket Game APK Download

The uniforms and players have all been updated:

Cricket teams change their uniforms and teams always change the players every few weeks, months, years, or decades, and every time they change the player we also update new players every time.

Realistic graphics:

There are many and many games that are good but they do not have realistic graphics but when you are playing this amazing Ashes Cricket game APK, it has very realistic graphics.

Ashes Cricket Game APK

Secure from stealing data:

This is the time where you cannot trust any app very easily, but this Ashes Cricket game APK is fully secured and safe and it never steals your data, and it also never asks for irrelevant app permissions, and this app is amazingly safe and never going to let you down.

Pros And Cons Of Ashes Cricket:

Players’ like:

  • Playing batting, bowling, and fielding is easy thanks to the simple controls. It’s easy to see the stadiums in the game. Thanks to Jonathan Agnew for the great commentary.
  • A gameplay experience that is both accessible and nuanced, high-resolution graphics, and smooth frame rates.
  • Batting mechanics are very complex, training mode is great, bowling mechanics have been revised and polished, confidence system is very good.

Players’ dislike:

  • Players’ likenesses and crowds could use some improvements.
  • Players are difficult to find for online matches, difficulty scaling against the CPU is inconsistent, fielding bugs and glitches ruin chances of wickets, and offline cooperative and competitive multiplayer has been scrapped.
  • A steep learning curve and poor optimization can turn off casual players, along with sloppy animation.

Free to download Ashes Cricket Game APK:

If you want to download this app you do not need to pay any kind of amount. There are a lot of similar applications which you have to purchase and pay a huge amount but this is smooth and free totally.

Ashes Cricket APK Free Download:

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How to download:

How can you download something onto your Android phone? The downloading process on Android is very simple and very easy, so how can I do that?  unlock my Asus cricket game download link. This game supports many popular devices, so let’s keep it cool, guys.


The Ashes Cricket APK game is very popular so now you can play the game on your Android just by downloading the game file and the dolphin emulator After you’ve downloaded both, see my video tutorial to understand how to play the game.

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