3 Best Alternative Of Viva video 2023

In the market, there are few alternatives available for the Viva video Editing App, but here I’ll tell you the best 3 alternatives of viva video. So let’s dive into it!

Best Alternative Of Vivavideo

The alternative of the Viva Video editing App which is listed below, these are very popular and easy to use.


It is one of the best available video editing apps for Android devices. You can create professional videos and it comes with amazing features that will help you to edit video professionals.


You can add multiple layers of graphics. And you can do a voice-over and add multiple sounds.

Visual effects

This is an amazing future offering by KineMaster, basically, you can adjust your video brightness contrast and all the visual effects you can add.

Chroma key

This feature helps you to remove your background in the video which has the same color background, also you can put the video as your background.

Aspect ratio

This app supports almost all important aspect ratios of video like 16:9 for YouTube, 9:16 for TikTok-like platforms, 1:1 for Instagram.

Control video speed

If you are recording your video at normal speed and wanna change the speed you can do it in this app.

Transition effects

If you want to add transition effects in your video so this app can do it, you can add 3D transitions, wipes, fades, and more effects.

Power Director

CyberLink Power Director video editor comes with amazing features, this app is recommended by very famous YouTubers and if you are just starting a YouTube channel you can edit your videos with this application.

Edit Background & Add Effects

Like the KineMaster app, this can also edit video background, and also you can add multiple effects.

Video Stabilizer

I think this is one of the best features of this app. By using this feature you can make a shaky image in a video, which looks very professional.


You can also do voice-over and customize voice settings and also you can add music to your video.

Collage Maker

This feature helps you to make collage videos with your photos or you can make one video like a collage.

Rotate and Crop

You can also rotate your image and video while editing, can also crop according to your need.

Pan & Zoom

With this feature, you can add a zoom and pan effect to your video.

Skin Smoother

You can adjust brightness and make skin smooth in the video, this feature especially helps when you are creating a model video or showing someone.


This video editor is famous for PC, it comes with amazing editing features in an application which is available on Play Store, the best part about this app is it is very easy to use.


If you are writing theme base video so this feature could help you, basically this feature comes with multiple themes effects which we can add to your video.


FilmoraGo also comes with a large number of non-copyright music libraries, which you can use for free, also you can add your own voice-over.

Reverse videos

You can make your video like magic by using this feature you can reverse some portion of the video or the entire video.


You can add beautiful subtitles to the video.

Text and Title

Along with the subtitle, es you can add texts and titles with amazing-looking fonts that you may like.

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