APK App Extractor Download For Android 2023-Free

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If you use the APK App Extractor software, it only takes a few simple steps to extract any APK from any app that is installed on your device. We found the software to be extremely easy to use.

The interface will display all the apps available on your mobile device or microSD card. Select the app you wish to extract by holding down your finger on the icon.

It is possible to copy the link directly from the APK Extractor to paste elsewhere or to share or send it immediately from the program. Using this method, you can share the tools with your friends.

Additional Information

NameAPK Extractor
UpdatedMay 18, 2018
DeveloperMeher publishers
Requires AndroidAndroid 4.4+
Get it onPlay Store

Features Of App Extractor Apk:

You can search applications using the Search option:

Is there something you are trying to find but cannot find on the list or just don’t want to scroll through the whole thing? Having this app on your phone will allow you to easily search files from the search option that is built into this app.

APK App Extractor Download

Design of User Interfaces (Material Design):

Numerous operating systems support icons to represent actions, files, devices, and directories. The form of every icon conveys the essence of its function, and its elements are stripped back to the essentials.

APK App Extractor


The User and All Apps Filter provide a set of controls that users can use to narrow a collection based on attributes they are interested in (e.g., reducing the total number of items by creation date). There are filters that provide the following functionality: a list of interesting attributes common to items in a collection and values that might be used to filter.

APK App Extractor

Locate extract application:

Locate extract application in any folder Would you like to know where your extracted files will be saved after you have finished? Do not worry, this app will not save your files automatically. You can choose the folder where to save your files.

Free to download APK App Extractor:

If you want to download this app you do not need to pay any kind of amount. There are a lot of similar applications which you have to purchase and pay a huge amount but this is smooth and free totally.

APK App Extractor Free Download:

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How To Use App Extractor Apk:

 APKs are automatically stored in the Extracted Apks directory of external storage. The “Settings” menu in the side menu can be opened to change the path. As easy as that, just follow the path and you will be able to find the extracted file to browse your phone by using ES file explorer.

Using the APK extractor’s search button on the top, you can additionally search for apps. Using this method, you will be able to locate and extract APK files within seconds. We would love to know if you used the APK extractor, so please rate it and comment on it below.


Create or copy an APK file of an installed app using APK Extractor to make it easily shareable. Using this application, you can extract any file in one click just by finding the file in the app interface, clicking on it, and then extracting it.

This app is compatible with Android 7.0 & above and should work just fine for most file extraction tasks.

This application extracts an APK file from each folder immediately, by copying the APK file from /system/app/(corresponding application folder) or /data/app/(corresponding application folder).

Making it possible to create a shareable copy, which can also be kept as a backup of the installed app.

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