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Hello, guys are you looking for this Neo Package Installer APK Listed under the category Tools, is the Android application Neo Package Installer APK Free is developed by Davide Sliepcevich. This application (Neo Package Installer APK) was updated to a new version recently.

This app is fully secured and this Neo Package Installer APK will never ask you irrelevant details and it will never ask for personal data permission.

Neo Package Installer Apk Download

Neo Package Installer APK the following boot loop solution: a new file is removed from the original image/flash recovery. Now it supports a new package which is known as the “installer package”.

Using this application, you can install and uninstall applications and users’ programs.

Additional Information

NameNeo Package Installer
UpdatedOctober 23, 2017
DeveloperDavide Sliepcevich
Requires AndroidAndroid 5.0+
Get it onPlay Store

Features Of Neo Package Installer APK


Installing an APK file is as simple as opening it in Neo Package Installer APK (for example, an ordinary file manager). The applications can either be installed as application intense or system applications (change the configuration of the installation screen or change the installation settings within the application.

In normal mode, the installation location is detected automatically.) is not recommended to update/remove applications, particularly those with odex files.


Uninstalling a system application might be difficult unless you are familiar with the procedure. Don’t uninstall system applications if you don’t understand the function of those applications. Run the uninstall intention (from the launcher or the system settings) instead.

Neo Package Installer Apk Free Download

Deactivate applications:

In the setting of the app, you can turn off activating always using root, and then you can deactivate the app. If you cannot, you can turn off activating always use root in commands.

To reactivate open Neo Package Installer APK and choose “Uninstall App” in the “Uninstall Apps” list; instead, find the option disables or “Activate App” instead.


You only have access to the majority (or all depending on your device) of the features if your device has root access.


An application program is programmed to exclude some packages automatically. (such as frameworks or settings) from being uninstalled.

It is recommended to use this application for installing or uninstalling only third-party applications. The best thing to do before using this app is to do a backup of your phone’s entire Android OS from recovery.

When the app updates the system with “install as system app” the old copy will disappear.

Neo Package Installer Apk Download For Free

Free to download Neo Package Installer APK:

If you want to download this app you do not need to pay any kind of amount. There are a lot of similar applications which you have to purchase and pay a huge amount but this is smooth and free totally.

Neo Package Installer APK Free Download:

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How To Download:

1.       You can download the document below by clicking the download button.

2.       Within a short period, you will receive your download.

3.       As soon as the download has been completed:

4.       To install, choose the appropriate option

5.       I am glad to inform you that the APK has been successfully installed.


These apps will enable Android device users to download and install APK files of the application they are searching for. Also, installing APK files through them is relatively straightforward and requires little effort.

On your Android device, you can download any of these APK Installer apps to run any app that isn’t available on the Play Store.

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